Our evening of bowling was an absolute blast, filled with laughter and camaraderie! Here's a recap of the memorable event and the prizes awarded:
1. Highest Combined Score - Wayne Graff: Wayne Graff had an incredible night, showcasing his bowling prowess by achieving the highest combined score. His skill on the lanes certainly paid off.
2. Most Gutter Balls - Mary Mills: Bowling wouldn't be complete without a few gutter balls, and it seems Mary Mills took the humorous route to victory by earning the title of "Most Gutter Balls." Sometimes, even those gutter balls can bring a lot of entertainment.
3. Highest Scoring Team - Wayne Graf, Barbara Graf, Briana Purdy, and Thomas Graf: This team was on fire! Wayne Graf, Barbara Graf, Briana Purdy, and Thomas Graf combined their skills to form the highest-scoring team of the evening. Teamwork clearly made the dream work.
4. Best Dressed Bowler - Leanne Marmo: Bowling isn't just about the game; it's also an opportunity to showcase your style. Leanne Marmo stood out as the "Best Dressed Bowler," adding a touch of fashion flair to the lanes.
Everyone had a fantastic time, whether they were knocking down pins with precision or having a good laugh over gutter balls. Bowling events like this are not just about the competition but also about building bonds, having fun, and creating lasting memories. Congratulations to all the winners, and here's to more evenings of fun, food, and fellowship on the bowling lanes!