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Authur Frederick Sheldon
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A Tribute




Dr. Arthur F. Sheldon


In Isaiah we read "The Voice said, Cry! and he said, What shall I cry?"  In the formative days of the Rotary movement, Arthur Frederick Sheldon, a teacher, editor, and philosopher, created the dynamic cry for Rotary -  "He profits most who serves best."

Dr. Sheldon had a devotional desire to know life and to interpret it to his fellowmen.  He realized that commerical prosperity, good laws, and social reforms, would not create a great society.  He knew that Rotary would have to evoke the Divine spirit that dwells in the heart of man to inspire him to place "Service Above Self".  The commanding cry that he devised is heard throughout the World!  His words have inspired deeds of imperisable worth.

Arthur Frederick Sheldon, humanitarian and pioneer Rotarian, is buried in Kingston, Ulster County, New York.

The Kingston Rotary Club and the club of the 174th District of Rotary International unite to announce to the Sheldon Family, to all Rotary Clubs on every continent, and to all communities, where Rotary serves, that we still respond to the rallying cry of the kindly spirit who originated the use of the words that have been uttered in all languages and have been translated by Rotary into vibrant action.


April 29, 1943


This tribute to the late Arthur Frederick Sheldon was presented to Mrs. Sheldon and her daughter, Helen, of 194 West Chestnut Street, Kingston by Kingston Rotary Club, April 29, 1943, at the Stuyvesant Hotel.  The tribute was written by Kingston Rotarian Frederic Snyder.



When Rotary was in the formative period all concerned accepted the wise counsel of Arthur Frederick Sheldon, author, lawyer and business scientist.  He convinced them that SERVICE would truly apply vim to the rim of the Rotary wheel, by providing a powerful purpose.

This providential prompting was put into action.  Today when anyone refers to a Service Club, they are erecting an honor to the memory of Rotarian Sheldon.  Paul Harris callled him "The gifted apostle of service".  At one time he was an active member of the Kingston Rotary Club.  In the light of his far reaching aid to Rotary International, the District officials have zestfully seconded the action calling for his listing in the roster of Kingston Rotary Club as a VENERATION MEMBER, the first membership of this kind in the history  of Rotary.